• Extendable Services to manage all your solutions or delphi projects in your workspace or local folder
  • Simple checkin and checkout any specific version for all Solution
  • Custom Build Order if there are dependencies over solutions
  • Possibility to cancel any triggered action
  • Process steps for every operation
  • Possibility to export your operations as bat script
  • Detect checkout conflicts and prompt a merge
  • Complete Parallell Operations
  • Edit and create workingfolder mappings
  • Possibility to use traditional checkin dialog from vs 2010
  • Possibility to start the output executable for every solution
  • Post and Pre Build Scripts
  • Possibility to compile delphi projects
  • Undo not changed files in pending changes section
  • Great User-Overview page
  • Changes Page with information for the triggered CI build
  • Build detail sections and build page
  • Management for all sections and their page visibility
  • Full integrated errors in Visual Studio Error pane
  • Workitem Section with your custom query in Userinfo page and PendingChanges to quick access and link your workite

Userinfo Page

  • New Userinfopage with following included sections
  • Last Triggered Builds
  • Last Changes (with status for attached CI Build)
  • Users Changeset
  • Assigned Workitems

Build Parallel

  • All Services can Work parallel
  • Custom Build Priority for your dependencies
  • All Services can Work parallel


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